Kristin has significant experience with both new construction and forensic architecture focused on investigations and repair for private and public clients. From conceptual level to finding the design intent in detail, she provides clarity by testing assumptions with facts.  Through clear and consistent communication, she aims to balance expectations of the design and construction teams and solve problems.  She has worked across the country from coast to coast. Kristin can be found hiking, gardening and landscaping on weekends, between home remodel and construction projects.


Dena has over 20 years of experience in architecture. She thrives in situations that involve many technical facets of design, management and construction. Her strengths include a propensity for managing the process, working well with teams, coordinating consultants and contractors, and ensuring the project goals, scope, budget, and schedule are met from concept through construction. With experience working on both large and small healthcare projects, she is a dedicated and rigorous individual who strives to achieve excellence. Dena loves the great outdoors. Whether running, bicycling, fishing, surfing or skiing, her home base in Portland, Oregon provides access to both mountains and ocean. She is an outstanding cook and also loves to watch Food Network while baking with the kids.